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awards_anime's Journal

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anime&manga awards
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awards community for anime&manga icons
N O M I N A T I N G A N D V O T I N G :

1. Nominations are now monthly.
2. All nominated icons must be anime or manga related and fit lj requirements (i.e. 100x100 or less, 40KB or less, .jp, .gif, .png)
3. You may nominate up to three of your own icons, as long as you nominate the same amount of icons by other creators.
4.1 Put your nominations under an lj-cut.
4.2 When you submit your post please make sure that you nominate 6 icons. It's our minimum nompost.
5. You are only allowed to make one nomination post, with up to 4 icons per category.
6. You must specify the creator when nominating (please also let them know that they are being nominated).
7. Please put only the nick of maker when you nom. someone. NO communities names!
8. DO NOT hotlink the creator's icons. You must reupload all icons.
9. You should not vote for an icon in a category that you are nominated in. If you vote for your own icon, that icon will be disqualified. If you vote for another icon, that vote will be removed.
10. Animated icons can be nominated only in the appropriate category.
11. In the "Best couple" you can nomin only(!) icons with couples(lovers) and there must be only GIRL and BOY.
12. Once an icon has won in any category, it is removed from future nominations in that category.
previous winners

S C H E D U L E :
The community will try to adhere to these times for challenges - (the 31st in the following examples can be substituted for whatever the last day of the month is):

1 - 31st of month: nomination period
31st of month: nomination period closed
1st of month: voting goes up and new nomination period begins
7th of month: winners announced

Where possible a reminder will be posted in the journal.

Any questions, feel free to comment on any of the posts in the community. Please check the FAQ post before asking any questions.

C A T E G O R I E S :

♥ Best Animation - Animated Icons
Any animated icons are acceptable in this category.

♥ Best Text - Icons with an exceptional use of text
In this category, you can nominate any icon with legible text.

♥ Best Textless - Textless icons or bases
These icons must have no text (tiny text is not allowed).

♥ Best Color - Icons with an exceptional use of colour

♥ Best crop - Icons with an exceptional use of cropping

♥ Best Funny - Funny Icons

♥ Best Emotional - Expressive Icons
Icons that move you - they can be sad, angry, happy, etc. The icon must display a strong sense of emotion.

♥ Best Hero - Icons featuring heroes
Any icon that features a male protaganist (no villains allowed.)

♥ Best Villain - Icons featuring villains

♥ Best Girl - Icons featuring heroines
Any icon that features a female protaganist (no villains allowed).

♥ Best Friends - Icons featuring sidekicks

♥ Best Couple - Icons featuring couples
Any icons featuring couple - they do not have to be doing 'coupley' things in the icon.

♥ Best Texture - Icons with an exceptional use of texture

♥ Best Out - Icons that don't fit these categories, but you love anyway
If your icon doesn't fit the above categories, put it here.

♥ Best Special - category announced at the beginning of the nomination period

If you need to, please use this form for nominating:

C O M M U N I T Y I N F O :
This was inspired by

Mods: this community is run by crazydd and twikami.

Affiliates: all affiliates are now posted here. It's a great place to check out other icontests, and if you're interested in affilating with this community, just comment to that post.

+ Co-Mod and Banner makers application.

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