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January Tie-Breaker!

So this was delayed basically because I a) wanted to see if we could pull in any more votes to break the ties instead and b) I didn't have time to check the votes, so I just ended up pushing it back for a while :/ I apologize and we have lots of votes to break this month! :OO

♛Do not vote for yourself or ask anybody to vote for you.
♛If you are the maker of one of the icons in the category up for tie-breaking, do not vote or that category.
♛Vote for an icon based on the quality of the icon, etc, and not on whether or not you like the series/character, etc.
♛Only members of the comm can vote (sorry for the inconvenience!), So please join if you wish to vote ;')

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February Nominations are open too! We haven't gotten any nominations yet ;~;
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So this is late because I needed to look for examples, but I didn't have time and I apparently didn't have any on hand so... :/ Well anyways, Febraury Nominations are OPEN!

Show the Love
Possibly the most generic topic in terms of topics for Febraury/Valentine's Day, but yes, since we've never done it, Love!

Symbolic love, literal or figurative, knock yourselves out! As long as it somehow shows "love", it's a-okay! ♥

byshelliana bytwikami bytwikami bytwikami

Romantic love // Hearts & it says "love" ;') // A "Heart" // Admiration is a type of "love"!

Please also keep in mind the guidelines when nominating ;'D

Please tag your nominations posts with the "feb11!noms" tag!
ALSO ALSO! January Voting Still needs Votes! :)
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January Voting ❣

Hey, I said I was hoping, but I do apologize for being a fail!mod in terms of keeping to the preset schedule. :/

So, without any more delays, I bring you awards_anime's January Voting!
Huge thanks to cool_spectrum , shiroumi , fadedincolor & prismsparrow for nominating this round!
Vote for the icon you like best, whether you nominated it or not.
• You should not vote in a category you were nominated for - just choose "nominated" there.
• Do NOT vote for yourself, ask others to vote for you, etc. Doing so will disqualify you.
• You may only vote for one icon per category.

Voting Ends Next Sunday, February 13, 2011.
Or earlier, depending on the flow of votes ;')

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January Nominations!

Happy Lunar New Year!
To those who celebrate it, at least ;')

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I'm hoping to get the voting post up sometime tomorrow (Feb.03), because it's late now, I'm tired and I have school in the morning. But in the meantime, feel free to nominate more until then!? :DD
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Just slightly. It's late, I'm tired, and we only have 3 people who nominated ;o;
Weeeeeeell, hopefully I'll have it up by tomorrow night, no promises though :/

January Nominations open until (sometime) February 1st to 2nd, 2011
And if we can get a few more nominations by then, that'd be awesome ;')