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So this is late because I needed to look for examples, but I didn't have time and I apparently didn't have any on hand so... :/ Well anyways, Febraury Nominations are OPEN!

Show the Love
Possibly the most generic topic in terms of topics for Febraury/Valentine's Day, but yes, since we've never done it, Love!

Symbolic love, literal or figurative, knock yourselves out! As long as it somehow shows "love", it's a-okay! ♥

byshelliana bytwikami bytwikami bytwikami

Romantic love // Hearts & it says "love" ;') // A "Heart" // Admiration is a type of "love"!

Please also keep in mind the guidelines when nominating ;'D

Please tag your nominations posts with the "feb11!noms" tag!
ALSO ALSO! January Voting Still needs Votes! :)
Tags: feb11!noms

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