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anime&manga awards
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naturalbluicons [userpic]
April Noms - Completed!

Set out to challenge myself and not repeat any icon maker, plus use icons only from animes I have seen. Success! And yes, I have seen a few other series that aren't represented here. XD

Best Animation - Animated Icons
Any animated icons are acceptable in this category.
by chrislola
by spatzkind
by scout
by windhimme

Best Text - Icons with an exceptional use of text
In this category, you can nominate any icon with legible text.
by ravenery
by d_a_z_z_l_e_m_e
by circuitously
by clymnestra

Best Textless - Textless icons or bases
These icons must have no text (tiny text is not allowed).
by quiesscent
by watermist
by royalbk
by isis2015

Best Color - Icons with an exceptional use of colour
by alice_rm
by ewanfan1
by koizumi
by dizzily

Best crop - Icons with an exceptional use of cropping
by sunshineraven
by allinye
by haine_asakura
by yamikakyuu

Best Funny - Funny Icons
by panicyo
by the_sun_is_up
by saturate
by orangeskirt

Best Emotional - Expressive Icons
Icons that move you - they can be sad, angry, happy, etc. The icon must display a strong sense of emotion.
by lingers
by witchrae
by bodyline
by pocketcucco

Best Hero - Icons featuring heroes
Any icon that features a male protaganist (no villains allowed.)
by moon_hime
by haryan
by ch4ndler
by peachie

Best Villain - Icons featuring villains
by margyydoodle
by its_adeathwish
by chocofeather
by tea_and_opium

Best Girl - Icons featuring heroines
Any icon that features a female protaganist (no villains allowed).
by nalazhar
by gaiasole
by yuna12
by starfieldsky

Best Friends - Icons featuring sidekicks
by kori_ya
by birthdaycake
by lunatic_shadow
by xdreams_of_love

Best Couple - Icons featuring couples
by lefthandpenguin
by dark_branwen
by akihito
by street_symphony

Best Texture - Icons with an exceptional use of texture
by tuxedobunny
by laury_kos
by silverzephyr13
by riseabovethiss

Best Out - Icons that don't fit these categories, but you love anyway
If your icon doesn't fit the above categories, put it here.
by anakg
by candybouquet
by kyoujaku
by heartwave

Best Special - Green
by kaelienl
by haldir_whore
by aniss_laura
by nebulasan


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