March 26th, 2011

[NATSUME] ☆ Smile brighter than the sky

❣ August&September Banners

I said I was slowly making my way through them ;P
But haha August's were done quite a bit ago, and Sempember's are sorry excuses of banners. I'll probably re-make them when I have the time...
And now it's Waerg Hour, and I have to type rgis out through memory of the keys... I'm going to go even more blind...

Banner Call for:
August Winners :: unasuvas, quiesscent, overheats, grimorio(x2), apendice(x3), ju_jei(x2), fadedincolor, lavaliere, blitzaga, 365daysafter, vejibra! (2+ versions each)

September Winners :: cabro_n, mymorphine, fumi, shelliana(x2), loveshine, upko, miszxbrii, luxrays, herinia, temperamental, fadedincolor, misako_chan, alexadanobody, adrastea!

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March still needs nominations! &
February Winners announced!
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