January 9th, 2011

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  • twikami

Tie-Breaker #02

Because I suck and forgot about this one, and didn't realize until after people had already voted in the other one, so I didn't want to edit it in :/

In general, as always:
♛Do not vote for yourself or ask anybody to vote for you.
♛If you are the maker of one of the icons in the category up for tie-breaking, do not vote or that category.
♛Vote for an icon based on the quality of the icon, etc, and not on whether or not you like the series/character, etc.
♛Only members of the comm can vote (sorry for the inconvenience!), So please join if you wish to vote ;')

Best Colour
01. 02.
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Best Colour?


BTW, you can still vote in the first one if you want ;')
AND January Nominations are open! NO NOMINATIONS YET!? :OO