January 2nd, 2011

[NATSUME] ☆ Smile brighter than the sky
  • twikami


Yaaaaaaay We're almost completely back on scheduleeeeee :DDD
December Voting is up This way, if you missed it :D

Aaaaaand now that 2010 is over, We're moving on to 2011! January Nominations are OPEN! ;'))

The poll was close last month, and I did want to do it too,
so January's Special Category is....
Aspects of Weather!
As long as the icon(s) nominated for this category somehow show/focus on weather, then it's acceptable!

bysnm_queen byradiopowered byluxrays byloveshine

I had a bigger variation of examples before, but for some reason, I don't know where they went... :/

Please also keep in mind the guidelines when nominating ;'D

Please tag your nominations posts with the "jan11!noms" tag!
Any questions and/or suggestions, etc, drop them here :D