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Community Break

Concerns recolving around a rule have recently been brought up, and until it is resolved, seeing as it concerns a pretty important matter,
Community Operations are frozen.

This includes nominations, voting and whatnot. For how long, I do not know.
Depending on how this goes, there might be a poll soon.
I'm sorry for any inconvenience this may cause, but at this point, I think it would be best for a slight break until things can be done.
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❣ August&September Banners

I said I was slowly making my way through them ;P
But haha August's were done quite a bit ago, and Sempember's are sorry excuses of banners. I'll probably re-make them when I have the time...
And now it's Waerg Hour, and I have to type rgis out through memory of the keys... I'm going to go even more blind...

Banner Call for:
August Winners :: unasuvas, quiesscent, overheats, grimorio(x2), apendice(x3), ju_jei(x2), fadedincolor, lavaliere, blitzaga, 365daysafter, vejibra! (2+ versions each)

September Winners :: cabro_n, mymorphine, fumi, shelliana(x2), loveshine, upko, miszxbrii, luxrays, herinia, temperamental, fadedincolor, misako_chan, alexadanobody, adrastea!

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March still needs nominations! &
February Winners announced!
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I apologize that this is 2 weeks later than it really should be, but knowing you guys, you'll pull through with nominations anyways ♥♥

Support &

In light of all the recent natural disasters, Special Category Icons for March must depict some form of support or companionship/friendship, be it through the image, text, etc. This is not to be confused with Best Friends, kthanx.

byupko byupko bydearmykeysx bytwikami

EXAMPLES of what DOESN'T count:
byupko byupko byupko bysodomizingjack

➀ He's a "companion", but this is more of a Best Friends icon ➁ This isn't exactly "support", per-se, this is really just perverted funny, ahem. ➂ Self Explanatory? I hope so. ➃ Yup. Pretty much the same as #3. (Sorry if theee just confuse you. This post was originally phrased in a way that deemed these kind of necessary...)

Please also keep in mind the guidelines when nominating ;'D

Please tag your nominations posts with the "mar11!noms" tag!
Questions? Ask away here ;)
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February Tie-Breaker!

I'm really sorry that this entire thing has been so off schedule lately, but things have just been hectic :/

♛Do not vote for yourself or ask anybody to vote for you.
♛If you are the maker of one of the icons in the category up for tie-breaking, do not vote or that category.
♛Vote for an icon based on the quality of the icon, etc, and not on whether or not you like the series/character, etc.
♛Only members of the comm can vote (sorry for the inconvenience!), So please join if you wish to vote ;')

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[APH!Mattie] ☆ Daily Days

February Voting❣

Huge thanks to prismsparrow , daicheto , fadedincolor and cool_spectrum for nominating this round!
• Vote for the icon you like best, whether you nominated it or not.
• You should not vote in a category you were nominated for - just choose "nominated" there.
• Do NOT vote for yourself, ask others to vote for you, etc. Doing so will disqualify you.
• You may only vote for one icon per category.

Voting ends Tuesday, March 08, 2011.
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